cibes lift group BOARD

The Cibes Lift Group is owned by Cibes Holding AB. Meet the talented and experienced members of our Board.

board members

Peter Nilsson
Education: M.Sc. Eng.
Experience: President and CEO of Trelleborg AB (current), Business Area President at Trelleborg and other posts within the Trelleborg Group, as well as management consultant at BSI
Born: 1966
Elected to board: 2018

Mats Engblom
Board Member
Education: Mechanical Engineer, MBA
Experience: Cibes Lift Group, CEO (until 2019), Sandvik Process Systems, CEO, Dellner Couplers Group, CEO, Celcius Group, senior positions in Celsius Group companies, such as CEO, Marketing Director and CFO
Born: 1955
Elected to board: 2019

Jan Brockmann
Board Member
Education: M.Eng., MBA
Experience: President / CEO Bosch Thermotechnology GmbH (current), Vice President German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce, Stockholm (current), COO and CTO AB Electrolux, Senior Management Positions Volkswagen AG, Project Manager Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, Management positions Valeo SA
Born: 1966
Elected to board: 2019

Karin Gunnarsson
Board Member
Education: B.Sc. Business Administration
Experience: CFO and IR manager in HEXPOL AB, various positions in Finance and Controlling in Telelogic AB, Trelleborg among others
Born: 1962
Elected to board: 2021

Anders Nyman
Board Member
Education: M.Sc. Stockholm School of Economics
Experience: Investment Director, Nalka Invest (current)
Born: 1987
Elected to board: 2017

Johan Hesser
Board Member
Education: M.Sc. in Finance & Accounting, Stockholm School of Economics and University of Chicago Booth School of Business
Experience: Investment advisor, Nalka Invest and Interogo Holding (current)
Elected to board: 2023

Louise Tilja
Education: M.Sc. in Finance & Strategic Management, Copenhagen Business School
Experience: Investment Manager, Nalka Invest (current)
Born: 1990
Elected to board: 2022