3D visualisation of every lift

3D Visualisation of Every Lift Project


3D Visualisation of Every Lift Project

To offer customers a great new 3D visualisation tool, Cibes Lift Group has launched a new online function which creates bespoke brochures for every lift quotation.

The new bespoke brochures show the lift in multiple 3D views and contains the full technical specification of the quotation. This makes the bespoke brochure a great visualisation tool, but also a great solution to prevent misunderstandings between architects and real estate owners, given that the bespoke brochures are much easier to understand than conventional drawings.

“Customer satisfaction is our most important asset, and that is why we set ourselves the goal of optimising our drawings to enable better visualisation for the customer. We felt that a 3D model extension would help to eliminate various kinds of misunderstanding, and we chose to work on that solution with our lift design partner since many years, DigiPara”, Paul Bokkers, Director of Marketing & Aftersales of Cibes Lift Group, explains.

The bespoke brochures are very easy to generate in the online order system used by all Cibes Lift Group companies and customers. All it takes it the simple push of a button.

“With the automatic generation of the brochures, we have reached a new level and save a lot of time and resources. This is an important step for us from a business point of view because the number of inquiries has risen sharply in recent years”, says Ted Rosén, DigiPara System Administrator of Cibes Lift Group.

The bespoke brochures open a new door to an even more personalised way of doing business for Cibes Lift Group and the brochures have become an instant success. At present, several hundred brochures are generated every week.

“With these detailed, individualised and fully automated brochures, we have reached the next level of personalised quotations for our customers. When we launched the bespoke brochures, we quickly received positive feedback from customers around the world and the number of generated brochures keeps rising every week”, Ted Rosén concludes.

The bespoke brochures are available for the Cibes Air, Cibes A5000, Cibes A4000 and Cibes C1 Pure as well as for Kalea Kosmos, Kalea A4 Primo, Kalea A4 Mini and Kalea C1 Futura.

For more information, please contact: Group Director of Marketing & After Sales, Paul Bokkers paul.bokkers@cibesliftgroup.com.