Anne-Lie Lindqvist Appointed Sustainability Manager



To manage the overall sustainability strategy of the Cibes Lift Group and support Cibes subsidiaries across the world, Anne-Lie Lindqvist is appointed Sustainability Manager.

The overall sustainability strategy of the Cibes Lift Group englobes Safety, Business, Planet, People and Ethics and the newly created position in Sustainability Management is the next logical step to ensure continuity and implementation throughout the company group.

For the past six years, Anne-Lie Lindqvist has held the position of Plant Controller at Cibes Lift AB, where she has also been involved in the strategic sustainability work for the company group.

“Anne-Lie knows our entire manufacturing process and supply chain and her engagement in our sustainability work has shown how committed she is to driving sustainability forward. I am very happy that Anne-Lie will be our new Sustainability Manager and I am confident that she the right person for the job”, says Theodor Ernstson, Director of Product Management & Modularization.

Together with a cross-functional team, Anne-Lie will support Cibes subsidiaries to implement and execute the Cibes Lift Group Sustainability Strategy.

“Sustainability is key to our future development, and I am very much looking forward to working with sustainability on a global level to ensure the success of our collective efforts across different departments and countries”, Anne-Lie Lindqvist concludes.

Anne-Lie Lindqvist will report to Theodor Ernstson, Director of Product Management & Modularization and started her position on the 1st of June 2021.

For more information contact: Theodor Ernstson, Director of Product Management & Modularization,