Cibes EcoSilent

Cibes EcoSilent – A Quiet Revolution


The global demand for lifts is growing and has created a need for silent and sustainable lift technology. The Cibes Lift Group is launching Cibes EcoSilent, a revolutionary new drive system for screw-driven lifts.

Urbanization, demographics and accessibility legislation have created a growing demand for lifts. Given that lifts consume an estimated 4% of the energy produced globally and generate varying degrees of noise pollution, the demand for silent and sustainable lift technology is greater than ever.

Known for their elegant, ready-made platform lift solutions, the Cibes Lift Group is now launching Cibes EcoSilent, a revolutionary new drive system, designed to make their lifts more silent and energy-efficient.

“When we started the EcoSilent project a few years back, we knew that it would make a big difference, but the final result exceeds our wildest expectations”, says Fredrik Mickelsson, Development Engineer at Cibes Lift Group.

A lift equipped with Cibes EcoSilent carries Energy Label A and uses about 45% less energy than a lift without. The estimated energy consumption is about 215 kWh per year, less than a modern washing machine. The sound reduction is quite impressive too. Inside the travelling lift, the sound can be compared to a humming bumblebee (55 dB). Measured two meters away from the lift, the sound level is about 40 dB, or the equivalent of a humming fridge. This makes the Cibes EcoSilent drive system revolutionary in terms of energy and sound.

Cibes silent living lift photo

The Cibes Lift Group is convinced that Cibes EcoSilent will boost lift sales to private home owners and architects specializing in sustainable building.

”We believe that the EcoSilent system will make our lifts even more attractive to architects and home owners across the world. But it also opens new opportunities for product development. EcoSilent is a quiet revolution for screw-driven lifts, and the revolution has only just started”, concludes Jakob Vallin, Development Engineer and Project Manager of EcoSilent.

Estimated energy consumption based on a 2 stop lift with 3.6 m travel, equipped with EcoSilent and a frequency of use of 20 travels/day. Energy classification according to VDI 4707 Part 1: 2009.