Cibes launches new innovative lift



The Cibes Lift Group is renowned for its space-saving, modular platform lifts. Now the company launches the new cabin lift Cibes C1 Pure, which may look just like a conventional passenger lift, but is anything but conventional.

On a global lift market with a growing demand for time and space-saving lift solutions, Cibes Lift Group launches the Cibes C1 Pure, a unique lift solution which is equipped for full comfort and designed for fast track delivery and installation.

“We believe that the Cibes C1 Pure fills an important gap in the lift market. While conventional passenger lifts provide a high level of comfort, they take months to manufacture and several weeks to build. The Cibes C1 Pure, on the other hand, has a stunning design and offers a comparable level of comfort, but can be delivered within weeks and installed in just a few days. We are convinced that this will appeal to many builders, architects and home-owners out there”, says Per Lidström, CEO of the Cibes Lift Group.

CEO of Cibes Lift Group

The new lift combines the smartest features of platform lift technology with the convenience of conventional passenger lifts, or as Head of Research & Development of Cibes Lift Group, Johan Strand explains it:

“The Cibes C1 Pure is equipped with one-touch operation controls and automatic sliding doors, just like a conventional lift, but thanks to its smart, modular concept and space-saving design the C1 Pure, requires much less refurbishment. The Cibes C1 Pure is the result of a fantastic team effort and we are particularly proud of our new sliding doors, which have the lowest top height on the market and are manufactured in our factory here in Gävle.”

To adapt to the requirements of different users, buildings and architectural styles the new lift is available in a wide range of colours and materials.

“The challenge given to the industrial designers was to create a timeless and typically Scandinavian lift design with great flexibility in terms of colours, materials and accessories. I think that the result fulfils that brief and I am confident that the Cibes C1 Pure has all the qualities of becoming a great success”, Development Engineer Erik Baumgarten concludes.

The Cibes C1 Pure is manufactured in Sweden and is launched worldwide on the 14th of April 2020.

For more information, please contact:
David Harrison, Director of Marketing & After Sales of Cibes Lift Group or +46 26 17 14 00