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Discover the Cibes Lift Group Sustainability Report for 2021


The Sustainability Report for 2021 shows that the Cibes Lift Group made good progress in the implementation of the sustainability strategy and testifies to an impressive level of engagement among employees throughout the company group.

Despite the challenges posed by the global pandemic and disrupted global supply chains, 2021 was a successful and exciting year for the Cibes Lift Group. The company delivered a record year and made good progress in the implementation of its sustainability strategy. The latest Sustainability Report by Cibes Lift Group highlights that having clearly set targets and measurable goals for sustainability is a key success factor.

“Within our five sustainability pillars: Safety, Business, Planet, People, and Ethics, we have now set targets for 2025 and the ambition for 2030. The targets are linked to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement. What gets measured gets done, so it is equally important to follow up on the progress of our sustainability work as it is for the financial and operational work”, says Per Lidström, CEO of Cibes Lift Group.

The report shows that sustainability is becoming an increasingly important part of the business strategy and culture of the Cibes Lift Group. In fact, the company group actively promotes the sharing of ideas and best practices within the organization through internal ambassadors and meetings.

“It is great to see the level of creativity and improvements happening in all parts of the organization. Sharing of good examples and ideas has also been implemented through the Cibes Way Show & Tell Meetings”, Per Lidström continues.

Ensuring sustainable and profitable growth while maintaining high social and ethical standards is a top priority for this rapidly expanding global company group and the level of engagement among employees across the world has so far been impressive.

Sustainability Management

“It is truly rewarding to see how our units around the world are handling the environmental and social aspects as critically as the financial parts, aiming to improve and learn from each other. The transformation to a more sustainable world is a team effort, and we will do what it takes to make the change”, Anne-Lie Lindqvist, Sustainability Manager of Cibes Lift Group, concludes.

The Cibes Lift Group Sustainability Report for 2021 has been prepared in accordance with the core option of the Global Reporting Initiative Standards (GRI).

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