Cibes Lift launches the Cibes AIR®



The new and innovative residential lift, Cibes Air, offers a unique user experience, where form and function work together to guide your senses.

The design of vertical platform lifts has remained virtually unchanged for decades until the Cibes Lift Group decided that it was time for a change. Residential lift Cibes Air is a new fresh take on a classic lift concept and product designers Gustav Berg and Ida Eriksson are the creative minds behind the innovative design.

Product designers

Watch the video about our designers:

One of the main features is an elegant LED lit handrail with integrated destination buttons which makes hold-to-run operation feel much more natural:

“One of our main challenges was to make the hold-to-run platform controls easier and more intuitive to use. With the Cibes Air, you just lean your hand on the handrail to travel, and release pressure to stop”, says Gustav Berg.

Another challenge was to make some of the essential safety functions of the lift look more elegant and discreet. The result is a unique design, created exclusively for the Cibes Air:

“On most other platform lifts, the design of the emergency stop and lift alarm buttons is very industrial-looking. For the Cibes Air, we wanted to create something more sophisticated, and the result is both user-friendly and beautiful”, Ida Eriksson explains.

Cibes Air design concepts

Watch the video about the Cibes Air:

Residential lift Cibes Air combines Scandinavian functionalistic elegance and the beauty of natural materials to create a unique and timeless expression. The elegant, floating impression of the back lit front panel and handrail has given the lift model its name.

Available in three different design concepts; Wood, Textile and Metal; the Cibes Air offers you great freedom to compose a lift design which blends in seamlessly with your home and lifestyle.

To learn more: visit the Cibes Air web page or contact Group Director of Marketing & After Sales, Paul Bokkers