BIM objects for lifts

Launching BIM Objects for Every Lift Quotation



The Cibes Lift Group now introduces a new function that automatically generates project specific BIM objects for all lift models manufactured in their Swedish factory.

It is now possible receive a BIM object, specified exactly to your lift quotation for all Cibes Lift Group products manufactured in Sweden. This smart new function was developed in partnership with DigiPara.

“We recently released our bespoke brochures. Now we are offering our customer BIM models that fit the exact specification of their lift quotations, generated by the simple push of a button. This is a great function that we think that our customers will find very useful”, says Paul Bokkers, Director of Marketing & Aftersales of Cibes Lift Group.

BIM (Building Information Modelling) captures drawings and project data into one single comprehensive 3D model, which can be shared and used as the single source of information, throughout the entire building project life cycle, to reduce the risk of errors and information loss. For a lift supplier like Cibes Lift Group, BIM can prevent errors by making sure that the architect picks a lift that physically fits inside the appointed space in the building.

“All the architect needs to do is to import our project specific BIM object into the building model and BIM will instantly let the architect know if the lift fits. If it does not fit, we still have time to adjust the lift configuration before anything is actually built. This way of first constructing everything in 3D can avoid so many costly mistakes. We were one of the first lift manufacturers to develop BIM objects for our products. Today, BIM is revolutionising the global building industry, and we want to remain at the forefront of that development”, Ted Rosén, DigiPara System Administrator of Cibes Lift Group, explains.

The BIM objects offered by the Cibes Lift Group are available with different levels of development (LOD) to fit the different stages of building planning.

BIM LoD 100, 200 and 300

“To cater for the needs of architects at different stages of the planning process, we offer BIM objects with a level of development from 100 to 300, where LOD 100 is a simple placeholder, and LOD 300 is a detailed 3D model. All our BIM files are available in open-source format to make it easy for everyone to view and download them”, Ted Rosén concludes.

The project specific BIM models are launched on November 17th in 2021 and are available upon request for lift models Cibes Air, Cibes A5000, Cibes A4000, Cibes A8000, Cibes C1 Pure and for Kalea Kosmos, Kalea A4 Primo, Kalea A4 Mini, Kalea A4 Mille and Kalea C1 Futura.

For more information, please contact: Group Director of Marketing & After Sales, Paul Bokkers

Marketing and After Sales Director