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Why choose Cibes platform lifts?

Thanks to the space-saving, modular concept, our platform lift solutions are easy to install and will integrate seamlessly with any building. Choose Cibes platform lifts if you want to reduce your construction costs and avoid the extensive refurbishment associated with conventional lifts.

Cibes platform lifts compared to conventional lifts

Space-saving lift solutions

Cibes platform lifts are machine room less, compact lift solutions, which have a low pit and top height compared to conventional lifts.

  • Minimal structural impact
  • Minimal refurbishment
  • Low construction costs

Cibes modular lift concept

Smart modular lift concept

All lift solutions by Cibes are delivered in ready-made modules to ensure a fast delivery and a smooth and easy installation.

  • Fast track manufacturing & delivery
  • Installation in just a few days
  • Reduced labour costs

Platform lifts Cibes Air

machine room less

Cibes vertical platform lifts

Small footprint

Platform lift with loow headroom

low top height

Lift with low lift pit

reduced lift pit

Great choice of lift sizes

To adapt to the architectural and legal requirements of all kinds of buildings, Cibes platform lifts are available in several models and a wide range of sizes. From XS to XL, Cibes can provide a lift solution that suits your project.

Cibes A4000 home lift


cibes AIR & a4000 – 300 kg

800 x 830 mm 1200 x 993 mm
1000 x 830 mm 1400 x 993 mm
1000 x 930 mm 1400 x 1093 mm
1100 x 930 mm 1500 x 1093 mm

Platform lift Cibes A5000


cibes AIR & a5000 – 400/500 kg

800 x 1217 mm 1200 x 1380 mm
900 x 1467 mm 1300 x 1630 mm
1000 x  1267 mm 1400 x 1430 mm
1000 x 1467 mm 1400 x 1630 mm
1000 x 1967 mm* 1400 x 2130 mm*
1100 x 1367 mm 1500 x 1530 mm
1100 x 1467 mm 1500 x 1630 mm
1100 x 1597 mm 1500 x 1760 mm

Platform lift Cibes A8000


cibes a8000 – 1000 kg

1105 x 2180 mm 1595 x 2310 mm
1405 x 1980 mm 1895 x 2110 mm
1405 x 2480 mm 1895 x 2610 mm

The above cut-out sizes are approximate and generic. For exact cut-out sizes, please refer to the project specific drawings provided by Cibes.

*The 1000×1967 mm size is only available for the Cibes A5000.

Platform lifts Cibes Air

Cibes AIR

Home lift with super slim design

Cibes A4000

Platform lift Cibes A5000

Cibes A5000

Platform lift in warehouse

Cibes A8000

A great alternative to


Cibes offers you lift solutions for all kinds of staircases, that will increase the comfort and real estate value of your property.

Lifts in staircases

Platform lifts for all applications

Cibes offers you lift solutions for public, residential and commercial buildings. The flexible, modular lift concept can be adapted to any architectural style and requirements thanks to the wide range of colours, materials, door models and accessories.

Platform lift in many sizes for museums and libraries
Black platform lift in shop with tiled floor
Commercial platform lift
Platform lift in commercial office building
Vertical platform lift
Platform lifts Cibes Air
Platform lift in carehome
Platform lift in primary school
Platform lift in shopping centre
Platform lift in warehouse

Platform lifts for your home

Platform lifts for public & commercial use

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